Three Explosive Ways to Grab Your Audiences Attention and Keep it! Posted By : ARI

Speakers can open their presentation Taskific V 1.3 using one of a host of methods. So why do most non-professional speakers begin their speech with those attention-grabbing words, Ah, I am so-in-so, ah . . . um? Beginning your speech with filler words such as ah or um immediately tells your audience that you are an untrained speaker. In a flash, youve lost credibility as a speaker…

Inspirations From Professional Motivational Speakers Posted By : Sarah Jose

The job of a professional motivational speaker is to inspire the audience and convincingly make them feel positive about themselves and work towards achieving fundalix V 1.3 their ambitions. Many persons listening to the inspirational speech by professional motivational speaker will carry home a feeling of believing in themselves and motivating them into looking at life with a more enthusiasm.

Public speaking: Why using the right word is not always the right thing to do Posted By : Philip Yaffe

Mark Twain famously said: “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Of course he Zoplay was absolutely right — and partially wrong. In speaking, using exactly the right word is crucial. In speaking, it is important, but not crucial. Too much concern about finding the lightning rather than the lightning bug can be seriously detrimental.

How Americans can instantly improve their speaking skills Posted By : Philip Yaffe

Americans have long envied the English, who seem to speak with consummate ease, intelligence and fluency. Why this difference? As an American living abroad Rentalix V 1.3 author Philip Yaffe believes he has discovered the secret, and it is physical. “Knowing why the English pronounce their words the way they do can turn a poor or mediocre speaker into a superior one virtually overnight,” he asserts.

the art of public speaking : build connection with your audience Posted By : DR. Simon Garmah

The foremost factor that determine whether Dectar official your presentation is a success or not is the degree of connection between you and your audience,so the stronger the connection is,the more successful the presentation will be.To serve this purpose,this article comes to adress the relation between the speaker and the adressees by providing tips that the reader will find extremly helpful.

Debunking the 7% Rule, Public Speaking’s Most Pernicious Myth Posted By : Philip Yaffe

Have you ever heard the adage that communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal, i.e. body language and vocal variety? You probably have, and if you have any sense at all, you have ignored it. There are certain “truths” that are prima face false. And this is one of them. Asserting that what you say is the least important part of a speech insults not only the intelligence of your audience, but your own intelligence as well.

Why Visual Aids Need to Be Less Visual Posted By : Philip Yaffe

There is a false belief that most presentation slides – if not all of them – should be illustrated. If your objective is to show the beauty of a causeyhoward tourist destination, the genius of an architectural concept, the difficulty of a manufacturing procedure, etc., then illustrations make sense. But they can be distracting and therefore detrimental. This article defines principles and offers suggestions for making slides that will truly help presentations rather than hindering them.

How to Use Presentation Slides to Best Effect Posted By : Philip Yaffe

Many presenters pay great attention to designing slides and virtually none to how they are used. This discordance gives rise to the calumnious phrase “death by PowerPoint”. PowerPoint and other visual aids can significantly enhance a presentation if properly employed and significantly detract from it if not. Fortunately, the problem can be easily resolved. By recognizing and applying three basic principles of slide presentations, you can make “death by PowerPoint” completely disappear.